This page will help you guesstimate what people are paying for a CB450. The information will be updated about once a month. All currency amounts listed are in US dollars. Click on the images to see the description and accompanying images as they originally appeared in the auction. All bikes are listed here, even those
that didn't sell.

Please be aware of the "Did it Sell?" column.   When an item doesn't sell, it is usually because the seller's reserve is too high (the highest bid did not reach the seller's minimum selling price by the end of the auction) or the seller listed the bike at too high of a starting price and no bids were made.   I have noticed that many auctions list bikes labeled with incorrect years, so I have made an effort to properly reclassify them here.

Last Updated Feb 26, 2006

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Photo Year Auction End Date End Price Did it Sell? Miles Color Original Pipes Runs Location Title VIN

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